Voided Long Cross Sterlings

Continental Imitations

Widekind VI, Count of Schwalenberg

Coat of arms of Schwalenberg.

Widekind VI of Schwalenberg († September 28, 1264) by the House of Waldeck, was Count of Schwalenberg from 1249/1250-1264).
He is the son of Count Volkwin IV of Schwenberg († 1255) and his wife Ermengard of Schwarzburg († 1274), daughter of Count Heinrich II of Schwarzburg († 1236) and Irmgard of Orlamunde († ca 1222).
He is a brother of Faulquin V, Bishop of Minden (1275-1293), Gunter, Archbishop of Magdeburg (1277-1278) and Paderborn (1307-1310), Conrad, Archbishop of Magdeburg (1266-1277), Heinrich I († 1279), from 1243 Count of Sternberg County and Adolf I († 1302/1305), Count of Schwenberg (1265).
Widekind VI married three times: first to an unknown woman (in 1246), second time with Ermengard (in 1250) and the third time again with an unknown woman (1260) and has two children:
Heinrich († 1276)
Irmgard († 1296), married on 2 July 1290 to Werner von Loewenstein († 1315).

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Sterling, Widekind VI of Schwalenberg, Blomberg, ca. 1250-52, Krusy 83var

Reign/Issue Authority:Widekind VI of Schwalenberg
Issue date:Ca. 1250-1252
Weight:1,36 gr
Diameter:18 mm
Reference:Krusy 83var
Catalogue #:0300
Obverse description:Crowned bust facing.
Obverse legend:✶VIDЄ[CI]NDVSR
Reverse description:Long cross voided with three pellets in each angle.
Reverse legend:CI✻ BCR TON [CAN]
Extra info:Provenance: Ex J.J. North Collection / Ex SNC March 1993 (949) / Ex G.W. de Wit Collection, Part II, Künker Auktion 130, 2007, lot 1817 / Ex DNW Lot 2265 08/12/14.