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Volkwin IV of Schwalenberg

The arms of the Counts of Schwalenberg.

Volkwin IV of Schwalenberg (about 1190 - 1249/1250) was from 1214 Count of Schwalenberg and from 1224-1228 Count of Waldeck.
His parents were Henry I, Count of Waldeck and Schwalenberg (died before 21 September 1214) and Heseke of Dassel (died July 25, 1220). Volkwin succeeded his father as Count of Schwalenberg and inherited in 1224, after the death of his uncle, Hermann I, the county Waldeck. The latter he handed over in 1228 to his younger brother Adolf. Volkwin remained Count of Schwalenberg and bailiff of the monasteries M├Âllenbeck, Herford and Marienm├╝nster. In 1228 he re-founded the town and castle of Schwalenberg.
Volkwin saw himseld threatened by the powerful expansionist policies of Archbishop Engelbert I of Cologne in the area Westphalia, where Engelbert tried to restore the old Dukedom, and therefor he formed an alliance with the archbishop of Mainz, Siegfried II of Eppstein. In 1225 Volkwin was probably involved in the assassination of Engelbert, at least as an accomplice and co-conspirator, and was therefore punished with the imperial bann (though he retained the authority over Herdford as fief of the Electorate of Cologne). As penance he was imposed on the foundation of a monastery on his own land, and in 1231 he founded the Cistercian monastery Burghagen in Schwalenberg, but this has been relocated in 1247 to Falkenhagen.
After years of feuding, he lost significant rights and possessions, including the bailiwicks Willebadessen and Gehrden and the episcopates of Paderborn. The loss of the vice-bailiwick Hoxter-Corvey accelerated his downfall.

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Sterling, Volkwin IV of Schwalenberg, Schwalenberg, ca. 1235-1240, Krusy 80

Reign/Issue Authority:Volkwin IV of Schwalenberg
Issue date:Ca. 1235-1240
Weight:0,95 gr
Diameter:15x17 mm
Reference:Krusy 80, Chautard 404
Catalogue #:0085
Obverse description:Crowned bust facing with sceptre in right hand.
Obverse legend:VOLCVVNICI OII
Reverse description:Short cross voided with quatrefoil in each angle.
Reverse legend:✱SVALЄNBЄRCH
Extra info: