Edwardian Sterlings

Sede Vacante, Cambrai, 1296

Sede Vacante.

Sede vacante in the canon law of the Catholic Church is the vacancy of the episcopal see of a particular church and especially that of the papacy. It is Latin for "the seat being vacant", the seat in question being the bishop's throne of the particular church.
After the death of William of Hainaut, they kept the right to strike money with own dies until the elected bishop should receive the imperial investiture of regalian rights.

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Sterling, Sede Vacante, Cambrai, 1296, Mayhew 94

Reign/Issue Authority:Sede Vacante
Denomination/Type:Sterling, Crockard type
Issue date:1296
Weight:1,35 gr
Diameter:19 mm
Reference:Mayhew 94
Catalogue #:0276
Obverse description:Bust facing, wearing chaplet of roses.
Obverse legend:+MONЄTΛ✿CΛPITVLI
Reverse description:Long cross pattee with an eagle in the first angle and three pellets in the other angles.
Reverse legend:CΛM ЄRΛ CЄN SIS
Extra info: