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Modern Fakes

Below you can find some modern fake coins. Sometimes sold as genuine, sometimes sold as "I don't know what it is". I don't believe these are forged in high numbers and probably some are made just for fun or to fool detectorists. If you spot one for sale or have more information for me about the origin of below listed coins, especially the Florent/Floris V forgery, please let me know.

Fake Sterling, Floris V, Dordrecht, ca. 1291, Mayhew 118/119

Reign/Issue Authority:Floris V
Denomination/Type:Sterling, Crockard type
Issue date:ca. 1291
Weight:0,91 gr
Diameter:19 mm
Reference:Mayhew 118/119
Catalogue #:0297
Obverse description:Bust facing, wearing chaplet of roses.
Obverse legend:+FLORENTIVSCOmS
Reverse description:Long cross pattee with an eagle in the first angle and three pellets in the other angles.
Reverse legend:CVA MFA [.]AC RCI
Extra info:Modern fake coin, made of aluminium alloy.

Fake Sterling, "England", "John", "?", ca. 1200-20, -

Reign/Issue Authority:"John"
Issue date:Ca. 1200-20
Weight:1,87 gr
Diameter:18 mm
Catalogue #:0179
Obverse description:Crowned bust facing with sceptre in right hand.
Obverse legend:[hЄNRICVSR Єx
Reverse description:Short cross voided with quatrefoil in each angle.
Reverse legend:+[....]ON•LVNDЄ
Extra info:Modern fake coin, made of lead alloy, probably casted.