Edwardian Sterlings

Louis VI, Count of Chiny, 1313-1363, Chiny

Seal of Louis VI of Chiny.

Louis IV (d. January 19, 1336), Count of Looz (1323-1336) and Count of Chiny (as Louis VI) (1313-1336), son of Arnold V, Count of Looz and Chiny, and Marguerite Vianden.
His father relinquished the County of Chiny to Louis in 1313 and abdicated in Borgloon in 1323. He supported Adolph of La March, Prince-Bishop of Li├Ęge, in several conflicts, including that of February 4, 1325, when rioters attacked the castle at Momalle. Later, Louis mediated the peace in this conflict.
In 1313, he married Margaret of Lorraine, widow of Guy de Dampierre, Count of Zeeland, and daughter of Theobald II, Duke of Lorraine and Isabella of Rumigny. They had no children.
In 1331, he give his nephew Arnold d'Oreye and his mother Jeanne (daughter of Arnold V) full possession of the manor of Rumigny. Upon his death, and his nephew Thierry de Heinsberg became his successor in both Looz and Chiny.

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Sterling, Louis VI of Chiny, Ivoix, ca. 1313-36, Mayhew 252

Reign/Issue Authority:Louis VI of Chiny
Issue date:Ca. 1313-36
Weight:0,58 gr
Diameter:11x17 mm
Reference:Mayhew 252
Catalogue #:0301
Obverse description:Crowned bust facing.
Obverse legend:[+L]VDOYCVS:COMЄS[ChY]
Reverse description:Long cross pattee with three pellets in each angle.
Reverse legend:MOn Є[TA YV]O DIY
Extra info:The "h" has a bar across it.