Edwardian Sterlings

John of Flanders, 1308/11-1324/25, Arleux

Arms of Flanders.

John of Dampierre (or Flanders) (1295 - May 2, 1325) was a son of William of Dendermonde and Adelheid of Clermont. He succeeded his mother in 1320 as viscount of Châteaudun. John was married to Beatrix, daughter of Jacques de Châtillon, governor of Flanders, and was the father of 3 children.
As his eldest daughter Mary had waived her right of succession on her marriage to Robert VII d'Auvergne in 1312, John, as viscount of Châteaudun, was succeeded by his second daughter Margaret.

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Sterling, John of Flanders, Arleux, ca. 1315-20, Mayhew 235

Reign/Issue Authority:John of Flanders
Issue date:Ca. 1315-20
Weight:1,10 gr
Diameter:19 mm
Reference:Mayhew 235
Catalogue #:0020
Obverse description:Crowned bust facing.
Obverse legend:+ЄDWR'ANGLDNShYB
Reverse description:Long cross pattee with three pellets in each angle.
Reverse legend:MOn ETΛ ΛRL EVS
Extra info: