Edwardian Sterlings

Guy of Collemède, Bishop of Cambrai, 1296-1306

Cathedral of Cambrai.

Guy of Collemède, or Colmier, died at Avignon in 1306, is a French or Italian prelate of the thirteenth and fourteenth century. He belongs to a family of the village of Colmier which provided an archbishop of Rouen in the person of Pierre of Colmier, but there are also sources that his family originated in Collemezio, Italy.
After the death of William of Avesnes in 1295, the chapter of Cambrai elected Gerard of Relenghes, provost of the cathedral, but Pope Boniface VIII claimed that his successor should be appointed by the Holy See; Guy of Collemède is therefore placed by him at the head of the diocese of Cambrai.
In 1306 Gui is transferred to the Archdiocese of Salerno, but he died in the same year.

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Sterling, Guy of Collemède, Bishop of Cambrai, Cambrai, ca. 1297-98, Mayhew 99

Reign/Issue Authority:Guy of Collemède, Bishop of Cambrai
Denomination/Type:Sterling, Crockard type
Issue date:Ca. 1297-98
Weight:0,96 gr
Diameter:18 mm
Reference:Mayhew 99
Catalogue #:0013
Obverse description:Bust facing, wearing chaplet of roses.
Obverse legend:+GVIDO⋮ЄPISCOPVS
Reverse description:Long cross pattee with three pellets in each angle, a stalk is added to the pellets in the 3rd angle making a clover leaf.
Reverse legend:CΛM ЄRΛ CЄN SIS
Extra info: