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This website shows my collection of continental sterling imitations and contemporary forgeries, roughly dated between 1220-1450. When I found my first Edward I penny on August 1st 2007 my interest in the medieval English coinage was arisen. I started reading about it and found out about the several classes and on one point I read something about sterling imitations, made on the continent. This meant they must have been struck just where I live! The more I read about it, the more I got interested and not long later I bought my first imitation. A new collection was born!

Besides continental imitations, I also got interested in contemporary forgeries. Sometimes made on the continent, others made in the UK. Some are crude, some are hard to distinguish from official issues. All are secretly made by people who took the risk of heavy punishments. All have their own story...

The coins

My collection is still growing and sometimes new discoveries are made. Some reference works are dated and incomplete. After N.J. Mayhew published his book (which is my bible) "Sterling Imitations of Edwardian Type" in 1983 metal detecting became more popular and better and unlisted sterlings were found. Even today. Now and then I am lucky enough to acquire a new variety or new type. It would be a shame not to share these findings with the rest of the world and therefor I created this website. I hope it will be a great source for metal detectorists and collectors. Feel free to use the picures and information. All I ask is to mention this website as the source. I added my private catalogue numbers to the coins, which can be used as a reference.

New additions will be announced on the updates page.

I'm also willing to help with identification sterlings. You can use the contact page to get in touch and I try to come back within a few days with a full determination.

Please note

All coins are kept in a safe deposit box at the bank and most of them are not for sale. The few ones I have for sale, bear a clear "SALE" tag and are also listed on the For Sale page. Please go to the contact page to ask for more details if you spot an interesting coin you want to buy.

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"Imitation is the best form of flattery" - Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1832).